Congratulations to Angela Inprom, Cathedral City High School Data CCHS #DATAcademy senior WINNER of the Palm Springs International Animation Festival Poster Contest presented by Boo2Bullying $500

Scholarship Award

The Arts Institute Palm Springs High School Gallery at the PS Richards Center for the Arts.

PSIAF 2017
Best Animated Feature
Best Hand Drawn Animated Short
The Potato Eaters

Director : Martin Kukal
Best Watercolor Animated Short
Strange Case

Director : Zbigniew Czapla
Best Paper Animated Short

Director : Chloë Lesueur
Best Classic and Traditional Animated Short
New York City Sketchbook

Director : William Hartland
Best Hand Painted Animated Short
Yellow Rose

Director : Xin Li
Best Amazing Stop-Motion Animated Short

Director : Suresh Eriyat
Best LGBT Animated Short

Director : Joe Sulsenti
Best 3D Dark Comedy Animated Short

Director : Andres Aguilar
Best Abstract Animated Short
Virtual Actors in Chinese Opera

Director : Tobias Gremmler
Best Sand & Salt Animated Short
Angels of the Seashore

Director : Kseniya Slmonova
Best Powerful Dark & Mysterious 3D Animated Short

Director : Andreas Feix
Best Global Issues & Socially Relevant Animated Short
The Neverending Wall

Director : Silvia Carpizo
Best 3D Sci-Fi Fantasy Animated Short
Agent Aiden : The Planet of the Slaves

Director : Martin Lambert and Laurent Beghin
Best VFX and Rotoscoped  Animated Short
Mosquito : The Bite of Passage

Director : Brian Vincent Rhodes
Best 3D Drama Animated Short

Director : Kevin Hudson
Best Music Video Animated Short

Director : Brandon Oldenburg
Best Academy of Dream Awards Animated Short
Hide & Shriek

Director : Dani Bowman
Best 3D Fantasy Animated Short

Director : Emerson Eagp
Best 2D Childrens Animated Short
New Toy

Director : Rogerio Boechat
Best 2D Action Adventure Animated Short
Salesman Pete 

Director : Marc Bouyer
Best Fun Stop-Motion Animated Short
No-No Wants to Try a Sport

Director : Auvray Mathieu
Best 3D Drama Adventure Animated Short

Director : Dato Kiknavelidze
Best 2D Drama Animated Short
New Ariadne’s Thread

Director : Claude Luyet
Best Winter Holiday Animated Short
The Christmas Star

Director : Kok Sen Lai
Best Experimental Animated Short

Director : John Morena
Best 2D Odd and Twisted Animated Short
Dinner for Few

Director : Nassos Vakalis
Best 3D Heartwarming Animated Short

Director : Apollonia Thomaier
Best 3D Comedy Animated Short

Director : Gauthier Ammeux, Valentine Baillon, Benjamin Chaumeny
Best TV Series Animated Short
Paper Girls  

Director : Tone Thyne   
Best 3D Romantic Comedy Animated Short
Tanguito Argentino 

Director : Joaquin Braga   
Best Cool Stop-Motion Animated Short

Director : Joan Zhonga      
Best 3D Dark Animated Short

Director : Guilhem Carayre 

Best Socially Important 3D Animated Short


Director : Pedro Solis 


2018 PSIAF Animation Festival Poster Contest

Award / Scholarship

Submissions January 15, 2018

Deadline: August 15, 2018

Winner Announced Online   August 20, 2018 
Send Submissions to :

Please include your name, address, and contact info.