2018Palm Springs international animation festival

Greg Babush


Greg Babush works a variety of roles from projectionist to Technical Director at numerous film festivals, including Sundance, True/False, and Telluride. When Greg isn't working he can be found soaring thermals in a paraglider, paddling rapids in an Alpaca Raft or enjoying local culinary treats in foreign lands.


Travis Bird

Projectionist Assistant

Travis Bird is based out of New Orleans, and is the

Co-Founder and Technical Director of Shotgun Cinema.


Dominique Wulfekuhle

Volunteer Coordinator

Works with the PSIFF as a film reviewer, translator, & many other capacity for both the short & feature for 12 years. He is also a volunteer for different event sin the Valley, including Pride, One Night Only, Cinema Diverse, American Doc, etc. In addition I'm also an actor , both stage & films. .


Dean Edward Mitzner

Academy Award Member

Festival Advisor 

Known for TRON ( 1982 )

Production designer on the film TRON, the first backlit cell animated live action feature film ever produced.


Brian Neil Hoff

Executive Producer

Founder & Festival Director

SAG-AFTRA since 1994

Animation Producer / Creator 

PS Animation LAB

Founder / Mentor

Email :