2017Palm Springs international animation festival

“Our LGBT community faces challenges every day in our world and it's especially hard on our LGBT youth who need to feel supported.  LGBT animated shorts have recently become popular with the wildly successful short film "In A Heartbeat" showing an every changing world of risk taking storytelling.  Animation has largely been targeted to youth and animated films have historically been neutral in the story. But as the world evolves more people have felt the need to express their stories to reach a larger audience young and old.  
The LGBT animated shorts are particularly special since they reach a younger audience who are still coping with coming out as Gay, Lesbian, Bi or Transgender. 
Relatively new are the LGBT animated short stories that inspire a new generation to feel they can be themselves and find acceptance even in schools where bullying and social acceptance remains a big issue.  We're honored to share these powerful animated films with a community that understands the larger struggle and the hope of a future where we can find love, acceptance and tolerance.”

- Brian Neil Hoff, Festival Director 

Boo2Bullying and PSIAF 2017
100% Proceeds benefiting Boo2Bullying's School and Art Programs, New Initiatives, and Scholarships.

PSIAF presents a Special Category LGBT  International Animated Shorts

Kick-Off Event


October 5th  6-8pm


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849 N Palm Canyon Dr,

Palm Springs, CA 92262