2017Palm Springs international animation festival

Boo2Bullying and PSIAF 2017
Proceeds benefiting Boo2Bullying's School and Art Programs, New Initiatives, and Scholarships.

Premiere's  SEOUL STATION during Comic Con Palm Springs on August 26, 2017 after ZOMBIE WALK

Film :

Origin: South Korea
Director : Sang-ho Yeon

Running Time: 92 min.

Plot Summary: Several groups of people

try to survive a zombie pandemic that

unleashes itself in downtown Seoul.

Location : TBA
Time : TBA

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Special Guest Appearance 

Comic Con Palm Springs

Palm Springs Convention Center

American Actress

Cassie Scerbo

Meet & Greet with Autograph Signing

Saturday, August 26th
11am at PSIAF Booth

Sharknado 5 : Gobal Swarming

Airs on SYFY August 6th, 2017